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Suedklang Mix-Series #49 – By MANA (11/18)

After More than one and a half year without any musical „output“ Mana also known as „Jordi Mata“ finished a new set for us and the Südklang Mix Series. This ist just great and fits perfect in our next Gig at Bukowski Heilbronn on 23rd December 2018.
So be prepaird and check this out.
Track from Rapossa, Viken Arman, Arutani, Avem, Bedouin

1.) Rapossa – Pavos (Dandara Remix)
buy it here:…a-remix/11193891

2.) Arutani, Avem – The Mermaid Girl (Original Mix)
buy it here:…nal-mix/10845498

3.) Viken Arman feat. Jo Ke – Believe (Original Mix)
buy it here:…inal-mix/9893670

4.) Desert Dwellers – Closed Eyes in a Dust Storm (Breath Pre-Release)
buy it here:…release/11288392

5.) Kermesse – La Fleur (Original Mix)
buy it here:…nal-mix/11166191

6.) Rapossa – Lyra (MArco Tegui Remix)
buy it here:…i-remix/11193886

7.) Valeron – Ates (Valeron Remix)
biy it here:

8) AmuAmu – Ozymandias (Kyrill & Redford Remix)
buy it here:…d-remix/11274898

9.) Rufus Du Sol – Underwater (Adam Port Remix)
buy it here:…t-remix/11101911

10.) Kieran Fowkes, Just Her – In The Dark (Nandu Remix)
buy it here:…du-remix/8452046

11.) Bilal, Boddhi Satva – Love Will (David Mayer Remix)
buy it here:…er-remix/9802563

12.) Moon Rocket, MoBlack – Gafara (Afro Main Mix)
buy it here:…main-mix/9121479

13.) Howling – Phases (Toto Chiavetta Colour Two)
buy it here:…lour-two/9222630

14.) Ghiz – Childhoods End (Original Mix)
buy it here:…nal-mix/11328967

15.) Death on the Balcony – Shift The Perspective (Original Mix)
buy it here:…nal-mix/11290264

16.) DJ Tennis – Make It Good (Larry Heard Vocal Dub)
buy it here:…ocal-dub/3428907

17.) Bedouin – Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Original Mix)
buy it here:…inal-mix/9625060