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Suedklang Mix-Series #43 – Guest Mix by Lex Bär (05/18)

Electronic diversity, a different sound and a special focus on unknown, first-class art against the mass movement! These 3 things are in the foreground with me!
Lex Bär is one of four, one of @hartgas-podcast and the Event of Südklang „Die Elektronische Maskerade“ will cooperate with Hartgas for an openair in June in the City of Heilbronn in Germany. To celebrate our conclusion of making and playing music, this Guest Set is a first step. The second will follow at Hartgas Podcast with another Guest Set, this time from @bukalemundj

And how describes „Lex Bär“ @lex-baer himself

I am 22 years old and come from the Heilbronn area, together with my 4 homies I run the Hartgas podcast, which is now an integral part of the Heilbronn scene.
Resident DJ @ Bukowski-live // Heilbronn

To describe myself is not special to me, CHECKS MY SOUND!