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Suedklang Mix-Series #35 – By La Maka (06/17)

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The June mix of the Suedklang Mix Series is mixed by La Maka.
His set contains tracks of @affkt, @oxia-official, @lehar-music, @jonathankaspar and many more. Again, La Mach’s dark melancholic set style is clearly Audible but this time riddled with house tracks that gave the hole mix a Groove background. Enjoy the No. 35 of our Mix Series and feel free to share, like and download the mix.




1.Man O To Be Svendsen Remix Nu

2.Beat Discourse Taras van de Voorde Doing It Slow Mix

(Sheehan & Clausen)  – Taras Van De Voorde

3.Sargas Mario Basanov Remix  – Lehar

4.1975 Original Mix – Tensnake

5.Remembrance (La Fleur Remix) – Francesca Lombardo

6.San Diego (Album Version) – Affkt

7.The Mule Original Mix – Human Maschine

8.Count On Original Mix  – Piemont

9.Domino Matador Remix  – Oxia

10.Bliss Original Mix – Butch, C.Vogt

11Set My Mind Maxxi Soundsystem Remix Way Out West

12.Rantou (Original Mix) – Jonathan Kaspar