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Suedklang Mix-Series #32 – Guest Mix by Jochen Pash (03/17)

Ab dieser März Version wird es sprachlich internationaler auf unserem Kanal,
In English pls. is our new approach!

Suedklang Mix Series No. 32 – Guest Mix By Jochen Pash:
Stuttgart based DJ and Producer @JochenPash is a good known DJ in our Suedklang based region around Heilbronn and Stuttgart. If you ask for House Music in Stuttgart you can’t ignore him. 2015 we played together at the PTX Event in Heilbronn and since the Residency of Jochen Pash and Bukalemun the whole Crew and Jochen know each other quite well, so it was a question of time when he can be a part of our Guest Dj’s for the Suedklang Mix Series. A great selection with music from Labels like Innervisions, Jedi, Paquet Recording.  Enjoy the Mix and stay tuned!