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Suedklang Mix-Series #19 – By La Maka (02/16)

Aaaand it´s La Maka again! Smooth and Dark as ever. Enjoy :)




  1. Shift II (Original Mix) – Coss
  2. Sombra India feat. Eduardo Castillo (Eduardo Castillo Remix)-Sis
  3. Llovizna (Original Mix)– Francisco Allendes, Felipe Venegas
  4. Late Night Early Mornings (Bedouin Remix)- Dance Spirit
  5. Spiral Eyes (Original Mix)- Pattern Drama, Bedouin
  6. La Pasadena (Original) – Andre Butano, Pablo Inzunza
  7. Phenomena (Original Mix) – Audiojack
  8. Love Each Other (Original) – Alexander Aurel
  9. When Is Now (Original Mix) – Green Velvet, Patrick Topping
  10. Ataraxia (Original) – Andre Butano, Pablo Inzunza
  11. 36500 Days (Original Mix) – DOP